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5 tips to lose the vacation fat

  • by Admin
  • Sept 14, 2020

OK you got back from your well deserved vacation, the kids are back in school and marching along in their schedule, you’re back to work and you feel lethargic, out of shape, and exhausted.

Let me guess, it’s the weather, no it’s stress, no wait, it’s the stress from hearing all the bad news on the TV about the second wave. Sorry bucko but it’s neither of that, it’s you. Now, I am saying this to you not to beat you down, instead I’m telling you this so you can accept it. The first step of taking positive action is accepting responsibility that the problem lies in you. This is the hardest truth anyone can do, but once you do take this to heart and you can accept it, you can take effective action and control your outcome.

Hopefully, you have accepted this hard truth and we can move forward. Now, I am going to tell you my five secrets on taking positive action to lose that fat.

Secret #1: Eat Less But More
I have gone through this before. I hope you have viewed my 3 part video on how to accelerate your results in the gym. But if you haven’t let me explain. What you need to start doing (in a nutshell) is have more “meals” throughout the day but smaller portions. What I like to do is spread my meals every 3 hours apart, this gives my body enough time to digest properly and not starve by the next meal.

Secret #2: Drink More
I know I have been hounding you all throughout the course of the past couple of months about drinking enough water, but I just can’t stress this enough. You need to be drinking anywhere between 3 to 4 Liters per day. Doing this helps with so many aspects of your health it’s not even funny. From proper digestion to fighting off the flu to staving off hunger pangs, keeping yourself hydrated is a critical part of staying healthy.

Secret #3: Lift More Often
One really effective way to really trim down is to lift heavy weights. The more you can break down the muscle fibers the more your body will begin to use fat as an energy source to repair the muscle fibers. When you combine this with a program like our Virtual Kettlebell Classes you are starting to get a winning combination of heavy lifting and “cardio” that will get you the results that you have looking for.

Secret #4: Get Moving
Nothing is better for you than an amazing fast walk around the neighborhood or a jog in the park (if your body can handle it). I mean I go for walks on a daily basis, and on weekends it’s for hours upon hours. Now while you may not have hours upon hours of free time, you can just go to the gym, hop on the treadmill for 40 minutes and get your sweat on.

Secret #5: Get Your Rest
This is the most critical step. If you get this wrong, then all your hard work is for naught. A big part of resting is eating properly, supplementing properly, and yes doing nothing properly. The eating properly, we covered above so I’m not going to get into it too much. The supplementation part we dove into on June 28th, again I’m not going to get into it here, the doing nothing part is what I’m going to get into a bit. Doing nothing doesn’t really mean plopping on the couch and vegging, it means grab a book and learn something.

It also means sleep properly this can be a bit tricky and I will get into this one at a later date. Well there you have folks my top five secrets in burning that vacation fat. I know that that was a long one and there are a ton more of things but these five are my top. If you don’t follow any of them, I will ask you to choose one. Master it, then introduce another. And if I may put in a shameless plug, I would suggest into starting with the kettlebell classes; it is specifically designed to get you moving and push you in a safely manner to get you the results you need.

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