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  • by Admin
  • Feb 14, 2022

I love these F & F’s and no it’s not what you think it stands for.

It means Fact & Fictions and it gives me a chance to talk about terms that irk me in the industry. One of these terms is Balance

Throughout this week I am going to be trying to cover this monster of a subject. So today I am going to talk about 3 of the main areas of this topic:
- Life
- Health
- Relationships

OK now I know what you’re thinking…small topics! But I am only going to give one explanation on them. I will be going into more detail throughout the week, for today thought we are briefly going to discuss them.

Life. There is a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to life balance and to tell you the truth there are a lot of correct information out there with it. Even the ones that tell you that there is no such thing as work-life balance. Yes, they are still out there. My biggest thing with this topic is for you to find your balance through trial and error. Quite frankly, what works for me may not right for you. I personally like to go 10 thousand miles a minute for months on end but I do stop for periods of time to recoup, because I do understand the importance of coasting along for a bit while slamming on the gas pedal again.

Health. You may be shocked to hear this, but all pro body builders take some time off the gym (not long mind you, but they do take some time off) after a show so they can give their bodies a break from the torture that they put their bodies over the year. You might be thinking to yourself “YES!!!! I can stop going to the gym!!! John said so!!!” not really what I am saying is that you need to assess how many times throughout the weeks and months as to how many times you ARE or ARE NOT working out, supplementing and eating properly. What I like to do (especially with supplements) is to take a break from it for a month, and then come back to it. You will find that your results are going to skyrocket, and you won’t be able to contain yourself to get back at it.

Relationships. Now here’s the tricky one. This one to be honest I am still trying to figure out. Being with someone for an extended period of time can be challenging and over the past year this has really put this to the test with most people. It’s always important to give yourself some space from the ones that you love and live with, but you still need to be present. Like I said I am still trying to figure this one out. One thing that I did find is to be able to schedule me time and family time an hour of the day every day. That seems to be working and let’s me have some valuable with not only myself but with my loved ones as well.

Over this week we are going to be talking a lot about, not only these topics but so much more. If you are having a hard time with these concepts, I completely hear you and understand you, this is why I created the Band of Brothers. It is here to help you find you, the man that you were destined to be, by taking these concepts, identifying the ones that you need to work on and working on them on a weekly basis. If you want to be better and show your loved ones the best version of yourself all you have to do is sign up and show up.

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