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Cavemen Foods

  • by Admin
  • Aug 10, 2020

According to a study from the human body and its genetic makeup has gone through 7 mutations.

This means that from the dawn of time up until right now we have changed seven times. In 2008 the USFDA approved over 500 different types of new foods (Food Inc.). Does anyone see a problem here? This month we are going back in time. A time where we were still trying to understand our surroundings and establish that we were the dominate species on this planet. This week we will discuss the importance and a remarkably interesting topic in how to eat as a caveman. Why? Well read my first paragraph. We have only gone through 7 mutations which means we only understand how to digest 7 different foods from the time we set foot on this planet.

So, what does that mean? How do we eat like cavemen? Well it is a lot easier than most people believe. Now it’s true we can’t get Woolley mammoth meat or saber-toothed tiger meat anymore; we do have other choices. Meats – surprisingly, meat back then was scarce and the meat we used to eat wasn’t really farmed it was wilder. Also, the meat that we would eat was usually either raw (hunters would usually eat the meat right away) or cooked (fire would preserve the meat so that they could take it back to the camp so everyone else can eat). Again, this was not a day-to-day thing and we would eat meat once in a while. So, the better choice for us today would be game meats rather than farmed meats. Try buffalo, or goose, or deer, or caribou, or goat instead of cow, pig (farmed), sheep, or chicken. Pick out 4 days out of the week and eat meat on these days.

Carbs – now let’s not confuse our carbs here. When I talk about carbs I am talking about fruits and berries. Vegetables have not really been cultivated just yet, but veggies are one of the foods that our bodies have been mutated to digest properly. When it comes to fruits, berries and veggies go crazy. The wilder you can find even better, the stuff you find in the big box grocery stores are usually laced with chemicals. Now I know that living in a big city it is more challenging to find these fruits, veggies, and berries but it’s not impossible.

Try local farmers markets, small fruit, veggie, and berry grocery stores, or go for a drive in the country and buy them directly from the farmers. For this pick 2 days out of the week and just go vegan there are a ton of amazing recipes out there that you can use during these two day just stay away from soy-based products. Fish – fish has amazing nutrients that helps us fight off the world’s most dangerous killer in big cities, depression. Now we don’t need too much of fish (unless you come from an island – different blog post all together) but the Vitamin D that is in fish is critical to our wellbeing, and yes we used to eat fish when we were dwelling in caves so go ahead and eat them. I usually select 1 day out of the week and have fish.

There you have it folks, a 7-day itinerary on eating like a caveman. Now remember this is what I do, and it is tailored to how my body responds, everyone is different. If you respond better to less red meat and more fruits, veggies, and berries well adjust it accordingly. Basically, you must listen to what your body is telling you and just do it. But one thing that you must understand is that our bodies still need a mixture of the three listed above. If you remove one your body will eventually tell you that it’s missing something. So, don’t cheat your body of what it needs.

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