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Coronavirus Lest We Forget

  • by Admin
  • Nov 23, 2020

What a year it has been! Probably the worst that I personally have seen, ever!

From not being allowed to travel, to being locked down in our homes for months on end with no possible end in sight. I am sure that all of us are happy to say that thank GD that it is almost over. This month is a special month though. It is a month of remembrance for our fallen heroes. So, this blog post is dedicated to all the unsung heroes that have fallen in the line of duty, the nurses, doctors, hospital admin staff, hospital staff, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics. All of them that caught this nasty virus and worked tirelessly to keep us safe.

I, myself, work fulltime in a hospital and I know first hand the stress that was on us at the beginning of this pandemic, not knowing what time you would go home at night, am I going to get sick and bring home to my loved ones, what if I can’t go back to work the next day because I had to go into a CoVid-19 area. It is hard on a person and sometimes you question yourself, I mean I do IT Support there and I could easily find another, safer job. But that’s not what I signed up for. I don’t quit. And neither do the doctors and nurses.

I know that you guys have heard that while this pandemic the hospitals were empty. To a point they were, but the reason why was that they needed to be prepared for the worst case scenario. You see they were living by the motto: “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” Nobody knew how bad this pandemic was going to be, so it was a safe bet to limit the amount of people that came into the hospital just in case they needed the space and kick out people that were recovering. Can you imagine how bad it would have been if someone was recovering from surgery and they would have to kick them out because they couldn’t keep up with isolation rooms because of CoVid-19? That would be horrible!

I personally know a lot of them and the one thing that I know about them is that they don’t even question that. It is their job, and their duty. And they go in and risk getting sick, and they would keep going even if they contracted this nasty virus. That to me is strength, courage, and honor. Just like a solider that rushes into battle, these doctors and nurses rushed into the fold and did what they had to do to limit the exposure that we had by doing what they had to do without question.

Next time you go to the hospital I would ask you to thank a doctor or a nurse for the job that they did to keep us safe. They will not ask you for it, but it will show them your gratitude for their bravery.

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