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Eating and Cheating

  • by Admin
  • Dec 14, 2020

We have all heard this before, cheating is on your diet is actually good for you. But how do you do it?

And how do you cheat during the holiday season with all the amazing foods, parties, and gatherings? Well this time of year is particularly tricky to say the least, as all the gains that you have worked for throughout the year can go bye-bye during this month. So, how do you keep most of your results and can partake in all of the fun stuff? Well once again, we got you covered.

This blog post will cover two very simple tricks that you can use right now so you can have fun, enjoy the food, and the parties without feeling like an outcast.

Strategy #1: Fill Your plate twice with everything and nibble -
We all know the amount of food that we can consume during this time of year, especially during the work Christmas parties. And the amount of different selection can be overwhelming, and you could easily overeat. So, here’s what I do. I fill up my plate completely with all of the foods that I want to eat or looks interesting, and when I go back for seconds, I fill up my plate with everything else. Now the nibbling part, I am not saying eat like squirrel, take your time eating, slow down and let your stomach digest some of the food that your stuffing your face with. You will be stuffed but at least you can stem the insulin dump – a bit.

Strategy #2: Limit your alcohol consumption -
Hopefully, you are not getting drunk while at the Christmas party at work! You do have to work after the party, remember that. If you are at a family or friends gathering this temptation can be hard to stem. And to be honest, I would also have a couple of “adult beverages” but here’s what I do so that I don’t get too under the table. One, I drive. This way I am limited to the amount of alcohol I consume because it would really suck if I had to spend Christmas in the drunk tank. Two, I limit my drinks to two, two to three hours and some food later I’ll have another, this way the alcohol has worked its way out of my system. And three, I try to stay away from drinking too many high starchy (beer) – high sugary (vodka) as these drinks will bloat you and push your liver to produce excess amounts of insulin.

See, you can literally have your cake and eat it too during this time of year. If you follow the two strategies above I promise that you won’t lose that much weight and you can have fun with your co-workers, family, and friends without being the “weirdo” in the corner that’s looking at standing out. So, go get some food and beer to wash it down, just do it moderately, and in a strategic smart manner and all your hard work through out the year will not be for naught.

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