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Eating In Isolation

  • by Admin
  • May 10, 2020

The last couple of months have been trying, to say the least and it has prompted me to dedicate this month on what you can do to stay this lonely, crazy, and unbelievable time.

This week we are going to dive into some tips and trick that you can employ right now so that you:

a) Don’t gain too much weight by overeating, and
b) Don’t get complacent and lose focus on what you need to do

Theses 3 tips I have personally used time in and time again to get some amazing results and I cannot wait to get into it, so let’s do just that. Here are the three tips that I use on a weekly basis to get some amazing results

Tip #1: Eat more, but eat less
This tip at first may seem like a contradiction, but if you really dig deeper into what it means it makes total sense. You basically need to eat more meals throughout the day but eat smaller portion sizes. I usually aim for six to seven meals throughout the day but smaller portion sizes with breakfast being the largest (2 scrambled eggs, a half bowl of cereal, and a whole avocado with coffee and 500 mL of water), 2 hours later I have a “snack” at work (a protein shake), lunch is 2 hours later (foot long sub, large serving size of sushi, or whatever), 2 hours later I have a mid afternoon snack like another protein shake, 2 hours later dinner (whatever I feel like but veggies is 2 handfuls, proteins are 1 fist size) 2 hours later I’ll have another snack like two handfuls of mixed nuts. You see I don’t have huge meals, but I make sure I am eating every couple of hours to keep myself satiated and not “starving”. Except for two days out of the week which leads me to Tip #2

Tip #2: Intermittent Fasting
I do this every Wednesday and Friday morning, no more than two days out of the week. Why? Why not every morning so your body can have ALL the health benefits that this has every day? I get this question many times. The answer is simple, if you do this daily your body will eventually stop losing weight and start gaining body fat. This happens because your liver will begin to create more insulin to combat starvation because your body will be thinking that it is starving. This excess insulin will cause two things:

1) it will cause your body to store any new foods that you eat after you end the fast as fat, and
2) done long enough it will make you resistant to insulin making you Type 2 diabetic Now, I am not saying for you not to do it! I am doing it myself! Just pick one to two days a week and do it, just not every day.

Tip #3: Drink a ton of water
I mean this literally! Your body needs water like nobody’s business. The more you drink the better you will function. I, myself, am at 3.5 L to 4 L per day! I love it! I feel great! Now I can go on, and on how drinking the proper amount of water increases neurological communication (which it does), helps bowel movement (which it does), gives you more energy throughout the day (which it does), helps with improving strength, and helps improve and stave off depression (which it does, and does), but I’m not going to go into it that much. One real side effect is that in the beginning you do go to the bathroom quite a bit, but this goes away in a couple of weeks. So, now is the time to start. Trust me, you want to start this now and not wait to get to work. I promise you will be in the bathroom every 20 minutes! Now I know we near the end of this crazy time but there really is now time like the present to start these amazing habits and implement them when things get back to whatever your normal was before all of this happened. I really hope that has helped some of you and I’ll see you all next week.

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