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Eating With Heart

  • by Admin
  • Feb 8, 2021

Another month has begun and the dawn of a new set of topics comes forth, I know some big words, sometimes I just sound too smart than I really am but I try.

This week I am going to get into three foods that are going to help your ticker function better. The thing is this is one of the most important muscles that we have and we completely take advantage of because we can't really exercise it (more on this later in the month). The less we use it the longer we live, and yet when it stops working out right we stop living up to an hour after our ticker goes on a permanent strike.

Yes, I am talking about your heart, the one single muscle/organ that we have written epic poem's, stories, have gone to war over and magnified since the dawn of time. And yet we (trainers, and health professionals) are still a little bit confused with in the whole exercise aspect of it, as in running helps the heart function better (which mind you is true just not in the context that we preserve it, more on this later in the month). What my goal for today is that I can:

1. Clear up a bit of the fog surrounding keeping your heart healthy, and
2. Giving you guys three of the most effective foods that help keep your heart healthy and strong for if you live.
As I said before this is the most important muscles that we have in our bodies, if it stops working then it's game over for us in an hour. Conversely it functions in reverse on what every other muscle that we have; what I mean is that the less we use it, the longer we live and healthier we are. Whereas, let's say your biceps, the more we use it the healthier we are. This is simply because of the hearts special design. Last week I went into the general anatomy of the heart so I am going to just quickly go over it again just in case you guys missed it.

Your heart is made up of four chambers that collects "dirty" blood, passes it to your lungs to clean it, collects the nice clean blood, and pushes it into the body. And that is the most basic explanation of how the heart works you will ever get.

Moving forward, the foods that we eat also help your ticker work better. What I mean is the vitamins and minerals contained in certain foods help give our heart the nutrients it needs to remain strong. Some of these foods are as follows (more detail can be found here):

• Cold Water Fish, which is extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids that helps your heart get the fat that it needs to burn so it can work on a continuous and steady rhythm,
• Berries, are rich in antioxidants and CoQ10 these two important vitamins and nutrients help our hearts prevent the onset of oxidative damage, which is a major cause of heart disease, and
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this food has both the Omega 3 fatty acid and the antioxidants that were mentioned above, however, it has one more very important nutrient. This nutrient helps in lowering LDL, improve insulin sensitivity, helps lower blood pressure, helps in oxidation, and helps bolster the immune system, so what is this amazing, wondrous nutrient? It is called: Polyphenol.

There you go folks three foods that will help keep your ticker ticking well into your golden age of life, and the best part of this? You can make a meal with the three foods I just gave you.

Until next week.

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