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F & F Function

  • by Admin
  • April 25, 2022

Alright so this week in F & F is a topic that really gets me HOT.

There are terms that personal trainers use that gets me RIGHT OFF MY ROCKER!!!! And I want to grab the nearest dumbbell and launch it right at their heads. The layman I can understand, but a person, who has devoted their EVERY WAKING minute to understand what happens to the body when you apply load and stress on it start talking like it’s the first time, they got introduced to exercise make my hair go just a lighter shade of grey, and it’s pretty grey at the moment.

While these terms are many this one gets me off every single time:

And you will find out why in just a minute but first I want to define this term.

Merrdian-Websters defines function as:
Any of a group of related actions contributing to a larger action especially: the normal and specific contribution of a bodily part to the economy of a living organism

The function of the heart is to pump blood through the body. (source) There are more but this one particularly pertains to what I am going to talk about.

Now what does this definition state? Simply. Any part of the body that has a job to do meaning that if the knee joint (actually 3 joints with four planes of motion) is major “function” is to flex and extend then guess what! Any exercise that I prescribe to a client that gets the knee to flex and extend regardless of it single movement with extreme support, or multiple joint fully unsupported movement.

So you’re probably think, what the H E double hockey sticks are you talking about, John?

Seated leg raises is a single movement with extreme support and a squat is an example of a multiple joint unsupported movement. Oh and isolation is another term that when I hear trainer throw out of their mouths my skin crawl like fingers scratching a chalk board. But that’s for another month. Now back to the topic of what is function.

Function happens in our bodies in every aspect that we can imagine, the body works as a single unit rather than little bits and pieces that are separate from each other. This whole week we are going to do a very deep dive into three concepts that have irked me as a personal trainer for the past decade.

• Functional training
• Isolation
• Muscle confusion

Over on The Fitness Oracle we are going to talk about Functional training and over on medium we are going to talk about isolation and muscle confusion. It is going to be another jam packed with some amazing content.

Buckle your belt’s ladies and gents, you are going to see a heated version of myself this week.

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