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Fast Workouts

  • by Admin
  • April 11, 2022

It is that time of the month where I talk about how the importance of exercise is so crucial when it comes to improving your well being.

And this month we are talking specifically on fasting. Later this week we are talking about how to work out with three different fasts/cleanses, I answer some question concerning them, I tell you about my current situation as I am doing two of the three of them, and my big problem when it comes to these fasts and cleanses.

Today and on this platform, I am officially kicking off the week and I am going to bust one myth and misconception that are surrounding all three fasts that I am going to cover over the rest of the week:

Intermittent Fasting: This fast can be a bit “intense” if you have never done this one before because our brains have been hardwired to think that we need three square meals per day. One of the main things I am trying to impart in my 3 Pillars of Fitness is that you increase this to six! But in reality, we can, for the short term, cut out one meal and have some amazing results in doing so. I will be going into this extensively over on all week this week so be sure you head over which will be giving you a better understanding of what I mean.

Going Vegan: This can be a touchy subject for most as there are a lot of people that are completely polarized on one side or the other. In truth, it is important to be able for you (on this instance) to dabble on both sides. The major misconception that surrounds vegans is that they are just not strong enough or they can never gain muscle as quickly as the carnivores out there. This is just not true, and this is coming from a carnivore. One of the major factors of gaining muscle is naturally increasing your testosterone levels so you can heal your muscles properly and quickly. I go into further detail on my podcast The Fitness Oracle and throughout the week I will be going into this in depth. If you are interested, you can head on over and have a listen.

Water Fasting: OK the other two that I talked about are pretty easy and you should be fine playing around with them with no worry of hurting yourself. This one, however, is a really hard one and if you do have any underlying issues please consult with your doctor. Now the biggest myth around this one is that you are going to really hurt yourself doing this fast as the only thing you are consuming is water for 48 hours and no food (includes fruits, and vegetables). Again, this is not an easy thing to do and I have not done this fast before so I cannot vouch for this, I know people who have and have had some amazing results. I will go over the details over a series of LIVE’s on Facebook and YouTube so tune in if you are interested.

Well! There it is the myths and misconceptions that surround the three different fasts and cleanses that I am covering this whole month. What I do want to leave you with is something for you to take into consideration on whether or not you should or should not work out during these fasts or cleanses.

Going vegan and intermittent fasting you should have no problems whatsoever and you should continue exercising as you will see some amazing result. Water fasting, on the other hand, you should take it easy as this is a very intense fast and you should really conserve your energy/strength so no harm may come to you while you are doing this.

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