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  • by Admin
  • March 14, 2022

This is an interesting time to say the least.

With so much uncertainty in this world the one thing that has been a staple is to be able to look at the things that keep us human and (for the most part) cut back from all of the luxuries that we were bombarded with not too long ago. I am not saying that luxuries here and there are a bad thing (it’s always nice to treat yourself) but it is always important for us to pull back and just “sit back”.

This is one of these times. What do I mean by that?

April is one of those months that indicates spring is here and it is a time of cleansing and rebirth and resurrection. This month we are going to focus on fasting and it’s amazing power in it’s cleansing and we are going to be deep diving into this amazing and powerful tool.

• This week we are going to look at a general outlook on fasting
• Next week it will be a closer look at food and fasting
• The week after we will look at whether or not exercise is a good thing
• The final week in F & F we are going to look at the positive effects of cleansing

Now there are some new additions to everything I am doing here at Vio Fitness and it’s all in order to give you the best value as possible to help you become a better version of yourself.

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