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Food Fighters

  • by Admin
  • Jan 11, 2021

This week I am going to get into what kinds of foods can and will help you fight off that nasty little virus that gives us the sniffles.

Please take note: I am a personal trainer that focuses on the mechanics of the body not nutrition. For more information please contact a registered nutritionist to help you out, all this blog post is going to attempt to do is give you a general look with the limited and general knowledge that I have about this topic.

With that let's get into this awesome topic.

First and foremost, there is no cure for the common cold, all we can do is hunker down, batten down the hatches and weather the storm. However, there are some preventative measures that you can do so that you prevent this nasty little bugger from running amok on your body. Some of these measures are washing your hands regularly with warm to hot water when in public places, keep your household surfaces clean, avoid touching your face especially your mouth and nose, and use paper towels in the bathroom and kitchen when washing your hands.

But this post is not about how to prevent getting sick, which is the best way to help you get over the common cold is to prevent it from ever taking hold in the first place. This post is about what you can do to get rid of it ASAP when you get, but more importantly, what kinds of foods you can eat to help you with the symptoms of this nuisance to us.

Like I said earlier the best way to getting over a cold is to prevent it from ever taking hold. But let's say you have caught a cold, what can you do to get over it quicker and suffer less?

Well rest up, I will get into this one next week when I cover exercise and colds but for now just try to let your body focus on fighting off this virus. Another thing you can do is give your body the proper fuel to help bolster your immune system. We can only do this is through food. Best Health suggest that these four foods can help you get over a cold without suffering too much.

• Raw Garlic, crushed and mixed with honey makes a nice little treat. Even eating the clove whole works wonders to help you bolster that immune system. Don't worry your breath will not smell, even if it does, does it really matter I mean you're sick and you should be in bed getting better right! Just take it and eat that clove.
• Onions, raw is awesome, again your breath might suffer and people might avoid you, but you're sick they are avoiding you because they don't want to get sick themselves, so grab an onion and munch down, or just put it in your salad and get those awesome antimicrobial compounds allion and allicin, hole up in your house and get better.
• Spices, such as turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon are powerhouse flu fighters because of the huge amount of antioxidants contained in them. A great little tea that you can make is clove tea, just boil some water drop a couple of cloves in the hot water and breath in the steam (helps clear up the sinuses), when the tea cools down a bit sip it down.
• Berries, again these are loaded with super antioxidants that help fortify your immune system. The problem with these is that most berries are out of season, best way to get around this small problem is preplanning; buy them in the summer months (when they are in season) and flash freeze them (this keeps them fresh for later use). When you are ready to eat them just open the container and put them into your cereal and enjoy.
• Chicken Soup, good old fashioned chicken soup that mom makes is the BEST remedy for the common cold the increased in internal body temperature helps ward off all those nasty little buggers that give you those nasty little boogers.

So, there you have it four of the most powerful tools that you can implement right now to help you get over the common cold or even the flu. That and tons of rest and fluids (specifically water) will help you get back on your feet and feeling like a trillion bucks!

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