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Foodie Fast

  • by Admin
  • April 12, 2021

This is going to an interesting week.

We are going to be talking about what foods to eating while you are going to be eating while you are fasting, and whether or not you should be eating. This is an interesting topic and an extremely complex topic and very deep, so if try to dive in this with no plan then I can get lost in the weeds and get completely lost. So, this week I am breaking this up in three different fasts on three different platforms.

• On we are going to talk about intermittent fasting
• On the solo podcasts we are going to talk about going vegan, and
• On the LIVE’s we are going to talk about water fasts
Today on this blog post I am going to talk briefly about each one of them so you can get a better understanding about them. Intermittent fasting is a great way for you to help control hunger, manage blood sugar levels, creating of hGH (naturally), changes genes to a healthier state, reduces insulin levels, and so much more.

Over on medium I am going to extensively go into all you are going to need to know about how to do it, the big questions that might surround it, my past experience with it, and my big issues with it.

Going vegan for a short time. This is a great way to reset your insides, what I mean about this is that dropping meat for a short period of time has benefits in that it helps clear brain fog, control hunger, control bloating, help with IBIS, and so much more.

Again, I am a little bit biased on this one as I have been doing this my whole life and I have extensive knowledge on this topic, which is why I have decided to all my solo casts episodes this week to this topic. There is a lot to talk about so make sure you tune in to find out and try it out for yourself.

The water fast. This is a new one for me and I am still trying to wrap my head around as I have recently been introduce to it this year. From my understanding there is a way to lead up to the actual fast through going vegan to prep, then a juice fast, then the water fast, then the juice fast, then back to food. I will go into this in more detail on the LIVE’s so I will do what I can to help you understand this even better, but please understand I have very limited knowledge on this topic.

And that my friends is going to be how I plan on rolling this out for this week as this is going to be a massive topic and it is going to be jammed pack with amazing tips and tricks.

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