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Fruits: Natures Natural Energy Drink

  • by Admin
  • Feb 1, 2020

One of the best-known energy drinks that we have available to us doesn’t come from a factory.

It comes from trees, bushes, vines, and yes sometimes weeds. But more specific, fruits provide us humans an amazing energy spike because of the amazing sugars that they have. Why would we need this influx of sugar?

Well simply put sugar (carbohydrates) are a macronutrient for our bodies to consume during work giving the muscle energy to preform the task at hand. The sugar that has not been used during work is stored in the body for a later time. This can become a problem down the road as there are other factors that come into play when your body tries to access this energy source. The time span of sugar in our bodies has been known to start at the moment of work to approximately 30 seconds after the work has completed.

When deciding which fruits, you want to consume remember that your body needs that sugar during the exercise and the best way to consume it would be through juice form. There are some sports (long distance running, or cycling for example) that you can get away with pulling out an apple and munching away on it. But for the most part juice form is just as good and just as effective as eating the whole thing.

One of the best ways to utilize this to its maximum potential is to supplement a Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) with the sugar to give your muscle the best chance of proper recovery after the set and an abundance of energy during the set.

What I like to do is to mix my BCAA with a fruit juice (I personally like Oasis Pomegranate, Berry mix) but this is completely up to your own personal preference and taste. Just make sure that you use a juice that is not from concentrate or even better is to have it freshly squeezed.

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