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Happy New Year

  • by Admin
  • January 1, 2017

Happy New Years to all. I wish all of you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous 2017.

Here at Vio Fitness had to go through a little rough patch last year, however that has not deterred us from our goal. Not, one, bit! So, we have taken that time to revamp a few things for the new year, one of these things are these blog posts, which are going to be very focused and structured from years past and a bit less frequent (this is what happens when you over stretch yourself, the things you love to do have a tendency of taking a back seat to the things that you have to do, that’s life). So, now, instead of 2 or 3 blog posts per week we are limiting them (for the time being) to just 1.

Keeping to the structure of the blog I would like to introduce you to the look of the blogs. Each and every month will be a new topic (just like last year) the first blog of the month will be an introduction to the month and give you guys a short sneak peek on the topic covered. A new section to the weekly posts will be an F & F (Fact and Fiction) at the end of the month, this section will cover some of the biggest facts and fictions that have come up in the fitness industry to help you guys get a better grasp on some "hot topics" in this wonderful, yet, misunderstood industry.

This month we are going to cover colds. This is peak season for this nuisance in people's lives. In the upcoming weeks, I will go over some tips and tricks that us trainers use to stay healthy through this tough, little annoying time. For the F & F section we will explore balance and what, where, and how this one word has set so much confusion in the fitness industry.

Next week I am going to give you guys five foods that can and help fortify your immune system and why these five foods are an essential tool to combat the common cold. As a bonus, I will go over three tips to help you fight off that nasty little bugger of a virus without injecting yourself with any meds. The following week we will explore why or why not you should work out when you're sick. Also, we are going to look at when you should and when you should not hit the gym floor. This will be an important post so stay tuned for this illuminating post.

On the final week for the F & F section, we are going to take balance and see all the facts about it, and how the fitness industry has added all the fiction putting confusion into such a simple, yet complex topic. Well that is pretty much it for this week’s post and I really hope all of guys enjoy this new website, and blog structure. It's sure to be very helpful to both you, the reader, as I can dive into the topics more intensely, and give you the most information possible, and me as I can focus on the topic of the month without worrying of running out of topics.

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