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Lift and Drop

  • by Admin
  • March 1, 2020

Last week I stated that the equation for losing weight is something like:

Nutrition = 95%
Rest = 4.5%
Exercise = 0.5%

While I stand by this if, you remove one of these variables out of the equation then you will be packing on the wrong type of weight. This week we are going to look at final variable in that equation: Exercise.

Exercise is one of those things that is essential for our wellbeing. There have been multiple past blog posts that I have posted over the past on some of the important side effects such as the psychological effects of exercise, and physiological effects of exercise but we haven’t investigated the how any form of exercise we perform actually drops weight.

This week we will investigate this factor.
When we lift weights, there are many different chemical reactions that happen on a cellular level that trigger our bodies to use more energy to repair the damage we cause on the gym floor. First and foremost, our bodies will use carbohydrates to preform the exercise and while we are resting half way through the rep, and up to 30 seconds after we complete the set. Once our 30 second time frame is done and there are no more carbs left to use as energy our bodies then switch to use fat cells as an energy source to repair that damage (this is where we want to be). This “fat burn” lasts up to but no more than 2 hours after we are done our workout.

And the final stage is a protein burn. This is a very dangerous place for us to be in as protein cells are completed harder to use as energy (we will talk more about this next week) and we will not get to this type of energy usage if there are certain conditions are met, such as if we haven’t eaten solid protein in a while (2 days or so), if we go through extensive extreme training (such as long distance running) without proper nutrition during or after the workout. As I said before this is a very dangerous burn for us to be in and we never want to be in

So, when we lift weights we will go from a carb burn to a fat burn no matter what kind workout we do, so long as it is intense enough so that we can initiate this burn without risking a protein burn. With that said don’t be afraid to pick up a weight and do some squats, or heavy bench press, I mean you are going to lose weight regardless.

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