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Lift Heavy and Drop Crazy

  • by Admin
  • Oct 19, 2020

Let me tell you guys one thing that I hear coming from all Personal Training Sales Associates mouths that reach your ears when they are trying to sell you an expensive personal training package.

“Building more muscle burns more fat than going on the treadmill.” This statement is 100% true! The heavier you lift the more potential fat you are going end up burning. Now the funny thing is that not 20 years ago Personal Trainers and gym owners always knew this, but they kept this little fact a secret. Why? Have you seen the price of an industrial level treadmill? It’s enough to make you freak out! But I digress, the purpose of this blog post is to inform you guys as to why lifting heavy weights will make significant changes to your body composition. Here are only two reasons as to why lifting heavy will cause you to burn more fat other than hopping on the treadmill It recruits more muscle fibers

This is a no brainer. The heavier you lift the more muscle you need to lift that heavier mass. In order to utilize more muscle, you need to tear the muscle, you have in the gym floor and when you are done in the gym you start the process of healing. The good part about muscle healing is that it heals thicker and stronger. Now here’s the bonus. Fat is an energy source, one that your muscles need in order for it to heal which leads us to my next point. Post workout energy expenditure will be higher account for muscle recovery

This is crucial, the most important part of exercise. Your recovery. If you recover in the wrong way your results will suffer. More importantly is that instead of utilizing fat as an energy source you will start to store it and it your recovery will take longer. We have gone over this in the past, so I will save you the regurgitation. What I will say is that you need the fat you have so your muscle can repair thicker and stronger.

Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot more reasons but there is just so much time available to discuss them. Throughout this week I will get into more of them. But trust me if you want to see drastic changes to your body and lose fat my suggestion is to just lift heavy. Don’t know how? Well we got you covered. All you have to do is check out any of our programs and I guarantee that you will see the changes in the mirror.

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