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Muscle and Food

  • by Admin
  • March 15, 2021

This weeks topic of discussion goes hand in hand. You literally cannot have one without the other.

Muscle needs food in order for it to function and grow. Without food we are looking at muscular atrophy and without it for about 30 days…death. Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of everything I need to make this one thing clear, this will not be a comprehensive dive into this topic. If I do I can fill up a library of books. There’s just too much information on this topic from how nutrients fuel muscle at the sarcomere level, ATP synthesis, Actin Myosin filament engagement and how the nutrients give them fuel they need to function properly to biochemical make of foods that stimulate the body to function properly, which, by the way, you’ll need a biochemistry Masters degree to write properly and to read it to understand it properly. Which I do not have.

What I am going to do is to try to take this extremely complex topic and narrow it right down to what foods help build muscle. Why build muscle? And why not burn fat you might be asking.

Well that is an amazing question.

If you can stimulate muscle hypertrophy (grow muscle) you actually utilize fat cells as an energy source, so you are now growing muscle while you are burning fat. Here’s the best part…you are doing this while you are resting and not at gym!!! Amazing right! So, what are some of these muscle building, fat burning foods?

I am going to break it down into three categories (macro nutrients) carbs, protein, and fats. Now before you all get all up in the air that “oh no John is going to tell me to eat bread and pasta!” Let’s just slow down a bit and keep reading.

One of the best “carb” you can be eating to get these amazing benefits of building muscle and burning fat is berries. I love frozen berries. I sprinkle some raw 100% chocolate half hour after a workout and BOOM!!! You now have a high powered testosterone amplifier that is sure going to give you the nutrients to reach your goals. Oh and it’s damn tasty

OK let’s face it. How can talk about building muscle without talking about meat! It’ just not going to happen. Sorry my vegan friends, while I am not dismissing that you can grow muscle without eating meat, you still need some sort of protein. Now why meat? Well because you are not only getting ALL your essential amino acids, but you get fat soluble vitamins, iron, and many nutrients that are jammed packed into a nice juicy steak. And you can eat and enjoy a steak.

There once was a time (80’s) where there was a war on saturated fat. Don’t get me wrong too much of saturated fat can be a bad thing. But then again too much of anything is always a bad thing. The misconception behind saturated fat is bad comes from the fact that saturated fat when broken down is large particles that get stuck in the veins and arteries because of the plaque that has been built up over the years because of poor choices (sugar). If you do cut out fat from your diet, this can be a dangerous thing as you are now not able to break down fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, you won’t be able to absorb Omega-3 fatty acids, and so much more.

OK so I dropped a few bombshells on you right now, so what do you do? It is the simplest and hardest thing that you can ever do in your life. Cut out sugar. Over this week I am going to talk extensively over how to do this and make smarter choices to supplement this giant feat.

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