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Preview To Food

  • by Admin
  • March 1, 2021

Another new week, another new month. This month I am going to tackle one of the most important issue for anybody who wants results.

That is the fuel you put into your body to get the results you want to achieve. I tell all my clients that most trainers out there get the ratio all wrong. They tell their clients that there is ratio (Food, exercise, and rest) which they say is something like 60:30:10 (respectfully). I tell my clients it is around 35:5:70 (respectfully).

Before I continue I want to make sure I clarify something. I am not a certified nutritionist, nor do I pretend to be, I am going to give you guys my own personal advice that has work for me and a few of my clients. It is very important that you guys understand this because nutrition is a very complex subject that must be done on a personal level. There are a ton of different factors that must be taken into consideration when outlining a nutritional program for an individual that only a certified nutritionist can help not a personal trainer.

And with that little disclaimer out of the way I would like to get back on track and introduce this month’s topic which is based on the single most important factor when it comes to working out and getting the results you want. Fuel. Fuel for your body.

Next week we are going to dive into some of the different types of fuels that we have at our disposal such as Paleo, Vegan, and others and I will fill you guys in on a huge secret that most trainers (and some nutritionists, depending on where their pay check comes from) will never tell you, so get ready for a revelation.

The following week we are going to look into how food and muscle work together and get you premium results. We will look at carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and we are going to skim the wonderful world of vitamins and minerals (that is a 30-page essay).

In the final week of the month we are going to explore the term Functional. We are going to try to answer what is functional? Define the term functional and look at three facts, and three fictional facts about functional and functional training.

Well this was a short post. I really hope that you all can get the benefit of this month’s blog posts. It is imperative that you do because this is the most important part in your journey in getting a better body and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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