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Rumors About Supplements

  • by Admin
  • June 22, 2020

This is yet another “touchy” subject as there are numerous different points of views. Do supplements work? Or is it just psychosomatic? In my professional opinion they work but not all supplements work for everybody in the same way.

This is where the argument lies. Someone who requires Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) will work for someone, where it can hurt another, and do nothing for a third person. There are, however, some supplements that just work for everybody (such as creatine, or protein shakes) so no one can really argue these ones. It’s more of straight vitamins and minerals that if you don’t do this right then you can argue that it doesn’t work. So, let’s look at some of the myths that lie behind the rumors.

Rumor #1: Supplements are the same as steroids.
Not even close! If this were true doctors would be using supplements instead of steroids to be treating diseases like cancer. You see while steroids and supplements are made from the same “stuff” (normally a plant extract) Steroids are usually (almost always) modified to work faster, so the patient can get better quicker or some cases save them from immediate death. This, as most of you know, does have its own health issues also known as side effects. Whereas supplements are most of the time in its natural state (just made in pill form or powdered) this does not work as fast as steroids and supplements are better used for long term maintenance rather than immediate results.

Rumor #2: I eat clean whole foods; I don’t need to supplement.
I challenge you to find me a food in today’s world that purely clean. I bet I will find something that it’s missing, from the soil, from the grass it drew its nutrients from, to the animal that ate it, to the rain that came down from the sky. Nowadays there is no such thing as “purely clean” food. Don’t get me wrong you can get close to it, but not 100% clean organic. With that said your body is missing something because you are not getting the proper nutrients that we usually get from our food supply. Therefore, it is critical that we need to supplement on a daily basis.

Rumor #3: I don’t need to supplement when I’m on my rest days.
Ummm. No. Completely wrong. This is when you grow, so this is when your body needs the most amount of nutrients so that it can repair properly. If you don’t, then it will take you longer to repair the damage you did on the gym floor and the amount of time you will be in DOoMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) will be prolonged and delay the amount of time that you spend in the gym . So supplementing on an “off” day is the most critical time that you need to supplement. Don’t skimp out on the supplements during days off from your gym.

A while back I heard an interesting thing about elite athletes. They spend thousands of dollars on their recovery. This includes supplements, as they have found the importance in a proper recovery, and supplementation routine so that they can go back in a couple of days and perform at their elite level. This is true because you are fueling your body properly and not allowing your muscles to starve.

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