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Scratch Cardio

  • by Admin
  • Sept 21, 2020

I know, I know, not another hate trip on cardio, but I promise this is the last one.

It’s not that I don’t like or agree with the effects of “cardio” I just think that if you don’t want to use these tools then you have other options. I explained some of these last month in “Cardio How to do it Right” this month I am going to get into the machine. Yes, you heard me right, I am going to get into the treadmills, ellipticals, stair mills, stationary bikes.

Now here’s what I’m not going to do with this blog. I am not going to tell which one you should do. I am not going to compare one over the other. And I am not going to analyze the benefits they each have. Why? Well that’s because you should do what you enjoy doing what you enjoy doing. If you like to run/walk/jog use the treadmill, if you like skiing use the ellipticals, if you like climbing stairs use the stair mill, if you cycle use the stationary bike. So, here is what I’m going to do. I am going to give you guys my recipe on what and how I use these tools.

First, I identify if there is a specific task that I have to accomplish. Example I was supposed to go to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain (5,500 M above sea level) last May but because of CoVid that got scrapped. So, I had to train for this. I had bought a high altitude training mask and every other day for five months I would hit the stair mill for 10 min and treadmill for 10 min. Once I reached it I would up the altitude on the mask and start from 2 min to 2 min and continue until I reached the max (6,000 M) on the mask. But my trip got canceled and I haven’t pulled out the mask since March. It might come out for next year. This training I would after my resistance workout and for a max of 1 hour.

If there is no specific task, I hit the treadmill. I like to run but my body takes a beating on pavement so the treadmill gives me that alternative so I can run. Again I would run every other day and I every minute or two I increase the pace by half a mile per hour until I am in a “sprint” I stay there for up to six minutes and then I taper it down to my cool down. This gives me the great sweat and the runners high that I love. One top secret tip that I use (I never listen to music or watch the TV) is I count my inhales and exhales to manage my heart rate while I am running. Again, I would do this for up to 30 min and at the end of my resistance training.

See! No hate trip on cardio machines! I actually like them. I have always believed that it is not the tool that is wrong just the application of that tool. It’s like I say: “You wouldn’t use a jack-hammer to put in a nail for a picture frame, would you?” So, if you want to run, run, if you want cycle, cycle, if want to climb, climb, if you want to ski, ski. Do the thing that you love to do, but do it at the end of the resistance program as you prepare your musculo nervous system for this type of training.

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