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Shoring Up

  • by Admin
  • Sept 7, 2020

Well it’s that time of year again, the kids are going back to school, we are all back from vacation, and a new routine has to be implemented.

This means stress. And stress has a tendency on weakening the most important system right about now: our immune system.

This month we are touch up on a few aspects on getting back to basics and getting into the old routine that we had before all of the craziness of the beginning of this year. We are going to cover:

• How to lose the vacation fat,
• Tips on losing fat without the cardio, and
• How to prep and shore up your immune system

I hope you guys find a ton of useful information and we can all tackle the up coming flu season head on and with full confidence that we will remain and stay healthy.

As always, I got your back!

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