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Sick Workouts

  • by Admin
  • Jan 18, 2021

Hey guys, hope you all have been having a great 2021, I know it's still very early in the year but if you start the new year off on the right foot then the rest of the year will be just a tad bit better.

At least that is what they say. This week I am going to get into a little-known secret in the industry. Training when you are sick. There are a couple of different theories out there but I am not going to go simply on what others say here. I am going to give you my own personal experiences so you can have a firsthand information. At least from what has happened to me.

A few years ago, I was feeling a little under the weather so I had a scheduled workout and decided that I was going to hit the weights to help my immune system, as most "professionals" advise. Well the little sniffles and feeling under the weather feelings that I had become worse. I mean my entire body ached, and not in the normal soreness that you get after a hard workout, I mean the one where the cold is now kicking your a$$ soreness.

Why? Why did this happen? Most of the material out there tells us to work out when you are feeling sick because it helps bolster your immune system. As with almost all of the information out there when it comes to the fitness and wellness industry there is some truth to that statement. Yes! working out does help bolster your immune system and helps fight off that nasty flu bug, but only as a preventative measure, not as a remedy, as I took it. That means that the more you exercise the less chance you have on catching a cold. It does not mean that if you are sick go hit the weights, like I did. But why? I love that simple three letter word...why.

Well you see your body likes to do one thing at a time, contrary to popular belief, it does not like to multitask. If you are sick or coming down with a cold, you need to rest to give your immune system the chance to do its magic and start the healing process. If you go to the gym and hit the weights, you are tearing muscle fibers and when you get home your immune system now must turn from fighting off that bug to repairing the muscle fibers that you tore when you pounded the weights earlier. This shift now allows that bug to literally run amok and the fever that you come down with will be the worst one you will ever have. If you are one of those people that just simply cannot get enough of the gym my suggestion would be to get on the treadmill and go for a walk. Below I am going to give a sure-fire way to help you get over that nasty bug quicker and with no meds.

Before I do I really need to urge the importance that you should not exert yourself too much when you have a cold or the flu. So here is a top-secret way on getting over the common cold, if you have the flu please do not do this as you might get something worst, stay home, and stay warm, and if you need meds (for the flu) take them. The following is for a cold.

• Get to a gym with a sauna or steam room,
• Take a warm shower,
• Get in the sauna or steam room and stay in for 20 minutes,
• Take a cold shower

Do this 2 to 3 times a week and you will be kicking that cold right in the nu+ sack in no time. Also, keeping this into your little repertoire on a weekly basis, might help you kick colds and the flu all together. Just don't tell mainstream medical institutes about it because they want you to take the flu shot, which by the way no longer works.

If I had known about this a few years ago I would have never gotten that sick and I would not have learned that valuable lesson, but what can you do? These are the life lesson's that make you wiser.

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