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The Harvest Is On

  • by Admin
  • Oct 5, 2020

Now that fall is here, and we have been through an amazing summer it is time to prep ourselves for the harsher weather.

For generations upon generations this is filled with festivals and celebrations. Some cultures herald this time of year as the New Year. So, for the Jewish people out there, I know I’m late, but I wish a happy Yom Kippur. It is all about traditions, not for us, but for our children.

This month we are going to step back and see what we can do during our preparation for hibernation. Next week we are going to look at:
• Paleo Diet: Blast from the past, the following week
• Lift Heavy and Drop Crazy, and finally
• Horror Story of 2020

Before I let you, guys go and sign off, I just want to say a few things here about a family tradition that we do this time of year. The weekend before Thanksgiving we gather up at my parent’s house and we go out to an apple far for apple and pumpkin picking. We are prepping for Thanksgiving dinner the next weekend. We bring back the pumpkins to my parent’s house and we start to carve them in jack-o-lanterns, and the inside of the pumpkins we make into pumpkin pie (which is gross for me) and we roast the seeds.

Now my religion doesn’t really partake in Hallowe’en, and neither do I, but this is more for the kids. You see these traditions (whether or not you believe in them) are important for children so they have happy memories of their childhood. And it is important because they will remember these when they grow up and give their children the same traditions so they can keep them happy.

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