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Time To Cheat

  • by Admin
  • Dec 7, 2020

It’s that time of the year.

Work parties, family parties, friends parties, and if you are like me and come from an old school huge family, you know full well that your diet, exercise, lifestyle that has been on par or better is now out the window. But don’t you worry, its ok. It really is! This whole month I am going to walk you through this most challenging time of the year.

Next week we are going to talk about, Eating and Cheating, how cheating on your diet can have a positive effect on your results, The following week we are going to get into Cheating on Your Dumbbells, here we are going to see how cheating on your workouts can have a positive effect in your results, and the final week of the year we are going to get into Why Cheating is Good for You, here we are going to discuss the importance cheating has to your lifestyle in general.

Now something inside me is screaming at me for a disclaimer, so here it is I am talking about health and fitness, not (I repeat) NOT on your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend that is not ok. Not even a little bit!

I just find it fitting to end off this weird and crazy year with a weird and month long of blog post. So, let’s have some fun this people. The good Lord above knows that we deserve it.

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