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Unleash The King Within

  • by Admin
  • March 29, 2021

Alright so for the longest time I have been looking at a blinking line on a blank page not knowing where to start with this blog post...

I guess you can say that this is a personal matter that I am about talk about and I want to make sure that I get this right. So, I will start at the beginning and try not to make this too long.

You all know by now my story by now, but if this is the first time that you have passed by here is a brief synopsis. Back in 2001, a few months right after the twin towers in NYC collapsed, I had been “let go” or fired from my job, I was forced back home to my parents, dropped out of university, found out that a girl I was dating was cheating on me, and the icing on the cake was me locking myself in my bedroom for an entire year with nothing but some really bad stuff going on in my head. All of this kept spiraling in such a bad place to where I got into a fight with all my friends where it led me to a bridge and planning on me doing a swan dive on to a busy highway. And that’s where things changed for me.

After my “conversation” with something I walked off the bridge and I knew I had to turn things around for me. I had no money, no future, no … but the one thing that I did have was hope. Hope that there was a bright future in front of me and I had no idea where or how to start. This blog post is going to be for you that is or had been in this situation and have no clue of where to begin.

The first thing that I did was, yup…you guessed it. Workout. Now remember, I had no money to join a gym or a martial arts club, but I did know a thing or too about exercise. Also, please remember that this was before I became a personal trainer so my “professional” career as a trainer had not started yet. So, what did I do? I kept it simple with three things to keep myself focused.

Step 1: I went for daily walks. Just the fact of getting outdoors and letting mother nature do her thing like allowing the sun to hit your skin so you can soak up that precious Vitamin D to breathing in fresh air. It also gets you up and moving and getting you to do some “cardio” to get the body moving which helps get some of the awesome neural chemicals flowing to the brain. Oh and while I was out on my walks, just a tip, I was “listening” to myself (my thoughts) and I was trying to not to be too hard with the “conversations” that were going on up there.

Step 2: Cleaned up my diet. Now this is such a HUGE topic so I kept this…again…simple. Now at the time I was eating a lot junk food and fast food. McD’s was on my “restaurants” of choice back then, and I would, once a week when I would leave my bedroom, go and buy something from there. The second I quit the junk food, I started feeling better. I have talked in the past about how food improves you physically because of the higher quality nutrients than that of highly processed foods. Now going back to keeping it simple and cheap. I had swapped out the Big Mac for fruits, the fries for veggies, the pop for water.

Step 3: I started sleeping during the proper times. During this hard time I would have a tendency of staying up late playing video games, watching “late night TV” (aka porn), and I would wake up around midday burning up half the day. As you can tell my bedtime would begin at 4 am until noon the next day at best. When I started to go to bed at a more “normal” time like 11 PM things started to look better and it gave me the opportunity to get more stuff done, like find a job, which I did shortly after. I will go into more details about circadian rhythms later on in the week but for now let’s just say that going to bed at 10 pm to 11 pm every night does wonders for you brain and repair cycles.

Now, this is really a lot of information and I have laid out all of this in a new program plus a ton of new things that I have picked up over the years of my own ups and downs with the 7 Day King Blueprint where I give you a blueprint to help you become the best version of yourself. All you have to do is sign up and yes this is completely free and you don’t have to worry about digging into you pocket. Why? I want to show you that becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t need to break the bank. So, sign up and I will see you Sunday April 4 on the live call.

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