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Way To A Man’s Heart

  • by Admin
  • July 13, 2020

Now that the summer is in full swing and we are completely back out into the “wild”. I thought it would be fitting to write this blog post as most of our vacation plans have been thrown out of the window.

In one weird way the past CoVid 19 pandemic that we just went through should have helped us realize and appreciate the simpler things in life. One of these simple things, specifically for men is a good old-fashioned BBQ.

I don’t know what it is about the meat on a grill, and if you can get real wood to make the charcoal even better! It just brings some sort of feeling for a guy. It probably has to do something about our ancestral heritage when we went out for a hunt and had to cook the meat to bring it back to camp. Or maybe it’s just something else.

The smell again there seems to be some kind of trigger that happens to guys brain when he smells a BBQ, it’s a happy smell, we feel good about being us and there’s nothing wrong about that. I know soe people think this is male mumbo jumbo, but that’s just not true. Next there’s a BBQ look at the guy cooking, look at the guys around the BBQ. I guarantee you that they are happy, laughing, bonding It’s completely unexplainable and a massive stereotype but it’s one that every single guy out there is happy to have.

The tastes. Especially when you get a guy that knows how to grill. Oh man! The tastes are out of this world! And again, for some reason or another there is nothing negative about this. This is normal male behavior and we like it. If the grill is using wood as the charcoal the smoke gets cooked into the meat. My suggestion is to only grill with charcoal and stay away from Natural Gas or Propane because these gases also gets cooked into the meat and you eventually eat it. Therefore, charcoal BBQ’s are hands down the best option you have when it comes down to grilling.

Well I know that was a very macho ended blog post but there is something happens to a guy when the words BBQ are placed together. It just comes out and just becomes macho, there’s nothing wrong with that it just is what it is and sometimes we just need to leave things alone.

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